What You Need to Know About Running Socks

Running socks are the second most important run gear you own, running shoes being the first. But there are a multitude of types , materials and brands to chose from. How do you choose the best socks for you? Let’s READ MORE

Tamoxifen and Running: A Little-Known Side Effect

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Running in Snow

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Essential Guide to Running with Your Dog

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7 Ways to Make Running Fun

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Translating the Treadmill

Most runners don’t enjoy running on a treadmill, nicknaming it the “dreadmill”. Most prefer to run outdoors or on a track. However, the treadmill can be a valuable piece of equipment during inclement weather or when travelling, for example. With READ MORE

Mindful Meditation During Running

While it is fun to run in groups, running alone can be the perfect opportunity to practice mindful meditation. We can’t always run with friends. However, a solo run can be a great way to relieve the stress of a READ MORE

Running Can Reduce Pain in Cancer Survivors

Science shows us that running can reduce pain. This is good news for cancer survivors, as cancer treatments can increase pain. Cancer treatments can cause pain My type of breast cancer grows in the presence of female hormones, estrogen and READ MORE

How to Find Your Motivation to Run

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Running Helps Cancer Survivors Live Longer

Running can help us live longer. Aerobic exercise, like running, can lowering our risk of cancer recurrence. It can help survivors live longer and better lives. Don’t believe it? Let’s look at some of the evidence. Runners live 3 years READ MORE

How cold is too cold to run outdoors?

Running is difficult in very cold temperatures. Muscles and joints do not function and move well in the cold. My preferred cut off is about -30 degrees Celsius, but I have run even colder temperatures at -40 degrees Celsius. We READ MORE