My Ideal At Home Indoor Running Setup

While the great majority of the world is stuck indoors, I thought I would use this opportunity to daydream about what my ideal setup would be for indoor running. 

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Now, I am not the type of person to have exorbitant tastes.  I tend to be more on the practical side.  So, my ideal setup for running indoors is completely affordable, I think. 

So let’s have a look at what you need to run indoors.


While you could probably get a fairly decent workout by running in place or running a route around your house, it isn’t ideal.  Trust me, I have done this.  I have even run circles inside a hotel room. 

Why would I do such a thing you ask?  Well, for exercise and to keep my run streak going.  At the time of this article, I have run over 850 days straight with a minimum of 2 km per day.  Where there is a will, there is a way. And the hotel treadmill was broken.  I needed to get my run done.

But running in place and running inside doesn’t allow you to get full strides.  It doesn’t allow you to run to your level. You end up running much slower.  And your gait is different.  I highly recommend avoiding running indoors without a treadmill.  It just isn’t fun.  And treadmills can be fun. Really! It’s true!

My favorite brand for treadmills is NordicTrack.  This company builds a strong and sturdy machine that have topped many consumer report lists.  I can’t remember exactly because it has been a long time, but ours lasted well over 15 years.  The newer models even have interactive programs where you can run with a personal trainer.  How cool is that. 

NordicTrack makes great treadmills for all budgets.

Running Shoes

After you get a treadmill, the next thing you will need is a good pair of running shoes.  Running shoes are a personal thing; you need to get the right shoe for you.  Ideally, you should have your gait analysed.  But when you are stuck at home with stores closed this can be more difficult to achieve.

My favorite shoe brand is Saucony.  I find they make a decent shoe that lasts.  And they tend not to mess around with the design of my favorite shoe style. 

I have used other brands and found that once I find a good shoe that fits me well, the next year they mess with the design and I need to look for another shoe. I have had other brands of shoes fit me perfectly one year and the next year destroy my feet after only 2 runs.  And that is when I buy the exact same style, just different production years.

Saucony hasn’t done this to me yet.  I have been wearing this brand for a number of years. Their shoes are comfortable, have lots of room in the toe box and are built with a sturdy construction. I love their shoes. 

Saucony has a variety of fabulous shoes for all foot-types.

For indoor running on a treadmill, find yourself a comfortable road running shoe.  You want a shoe that will ventilate well, yet provide you with the comfort and support you need in the right places. 

Never, never, never run barefoot on a treadmill. The belt will heat up from friction and get hot.  It also has a textured surface to prevent slipping, but it can shred your feet.  You absolutely need shoes when running on a treadmill. 

Running Socks

Your shoes are the most important run gear you will purchase, without a doubt.  But your socks are equally important.  You want a sock that wicks moisture, keeps your foot from sliding around in your shoe, prevents blisters and provides comfort. 

I wrote an in-depth article all about running socks. Have a read if you aren’t sure what socks to buy. 

But today I am daydreaming about ideal indoor running, so I pick my favorite sock.  I found CSX socks at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Run Expo in 2017.  And I haven’t purchase another sock brand since.  I absolutely love them.  They provide light compression and support my arch perfectly.  I love the shorter ankle length socks for shorter distances and the taller, knee length for longer runs. The longer ones have helped protect me from shin splints, which I am prone to.

CSX compression socks are very comfortable and come in a variety of lengths and colors.

Indoor Running Outfit

Okay, this next section is for women only.  So, men can just skip right on by to the next discussion on run watches.  I want to have a chat with my girls right now. 

Ladies, you absolutely must get yourself a cute little outfit for running indoors.  While people aren’t going to see you, you will feel tremendous.  You will feel like working out when you have the right clothes to inspire you. 

Performance Shirts

I recommend a lightweight tank for indoor running, if you can wear them. Sadly, I can’t wear tanks without showing off all my mastectomy scars.  I wear the lightest t-shirts I can find. 

You absolutely need performance wear that wicks sweat away from your body.  Do not wear cotton clothing.  It will be hot running indoors.  You will sweat. And if that sweat sticks to your clothes and skin you will chafe and get blisters. 

Compression Shorts

Speaking of chafing…

Unless you have a thigh gap already, I recommend shorts with a longer inseam. You will appreciate the extra fabric to prevent your inner thighs from becoming chafed.  Been there, done that.

My favorite shorts are compression shorts to hold in all my loose skin.  While I have lost a lot of weight, I do have some extra fluff and excess skin in my belly region. Very few of us ladies don’t, am I right?  I don’t want that jiggling while I run. So, high waist compression shorts hold all that in and make me feel good. 

I love these shorts by Baleaf. These style of shorts can be more difficult to find.

These shorts are seriously comfortable. I love this sage green color.
And No Thigh Chafing!

Wicking Undergarments

Now, let’s talk about underwear, shall we? 

You also need comfortable wicking underwear.  Pretty panties and comfy cottons won’t cut it.  Trust me, you will thank me. Check out the fabulous running underwear from Runderwear

And if you don’t trust me? Well, I am sorry for that very painful shower you are about to take. Ouch! Also been there, done that. I truly sympathize!

You also want a sports bra that holds the girls securely in place.  I don’t have this problem, as I had double mastectomies without reconstruction.  Not sure if I call it lucky per se, but I don’t wear a sports bra. However, I have a lot of running friends who wear sports bras and have heard many stories and recommendations. 

Just like running shoes, a sports bra is a very personal choice.  You need one that provides enough support yet is comfortable to wear.  I asked my runner friends what they advise. In no particular order, their top brand choices were Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon.

Run Watch

Now, most treadmills have a way to track your stats, like distance and pace.  But I find a good run watch is handy both indoors and outdoors.

I love my Garmin watch as it uploads my run data so easily into the Garmin Connects app. The Forerunner 35 watch is a reasonably priced option that suits my needs just fine. It also has a heart rate monitor, which treadmills can’t supply very comfortably nor continuously.

Sure, there are fancier and more expensive watches, but I don’t feel the need to include them here. The Forerunner 35 is perfect for indoor running. You do need to calibrate it with a couple of outdoor runs though.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is a great watch at a reasonable price.

Run Training Plan

The next thing to consider about running indoors is a training plan.  Yes, you can just run.  But having a goal to work towards and a run training plan to follow helps push you just a little bit further.  Runners tend to work harder if they have a goal distance or goal pace in mind. 

I absolutely love 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald.  It is my go-to book when I am developing my training plans.  I use a variety of sources for my plans, but the basis is always 80% easy runs with 20% hard training.  I first used the principles in this book to develop the training plan that got my husband his Boston Marathon qualifying time.  It works. 

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, run hard on every run. 

Making Indoor Running Fun

Running inside on a treadmill doesn’t have to be a chore.  I previously wrote an article on how to make treadmill running fun

Since we are talking about the ideal set up for running inside, I will tell you my favorite way to entertain myself while running on the treadmill. 

I will stream a Netflix show or movie that matches the time I will be running.  If I am running a shorter distance, I will pick a TV show that is about 30 – 40 minutes long.  If I want to do a long run, I will pick a movie that is about 1.5 – 2 hours long.  This way I don’t have to fumble around with starting another show during my run, risking potential for injury on the treadmill. 


I stream Netflix on my iPad, propping it up on the treadmill right in front of me.  I can also play music or a podcast on my iPad if I am not in the mood for Netflix.  You can also video chat with a friend while running.  An iPad is a versatile device for treadmill running.  I love mine. 

iPad Case

I use my case to secure my iPad on the treadmill.  Sometimes the little shelf on the treadmill isn’t enough to prevent your device from bouncing off.  I place the case flap over the front of the treadmill.  Since I have been doing this, I haven’t had my iPad fall off. 

Ear Buds

The other thing that would cause my iPad to fall off would be the cords to my ear buds.  Occasionally my arm swing would snag the cord and ear buds and iPad would go flying off.  This isn’t an issue with wireless ear buds. 

My top brand choice for ear buds is Bose. Bose is famous for sound quality. Their earbuds are top notch. And the sport model were designed for athletes. They are light weight and sweat resistant. Can’t go wrong with that.  

Bose Sport Wireless Earbuds
Perfect for Running

Making Indoor Running More Comfortable

One of the advantages of running indoors is perfect weather.  There is no rain, snow or wind.  The temperature is controlled.  But usually the temperature is controlled for comfort at rest, usually about 70 F (20 C).  So, you will feel hot and you will sweat when running indoors.  So let’s chat about ways to mitigate this.

The Perfect Water Bottle

Be sure to drink water when you are running indoors. You will be losing fluids through sweating. 

So, have your favorite water bottle handy.  My ideal water bottle has a stainless-steel interior.  I absolutely hate that artificial plastic taste.  It takes multiple washing for this toxic taste to dissipate from a plastic water bottle, so I don’t even bother with them anymore.  I go right for a bottle with a stainless-steel interior. 

I also like to add ice to my water to cool me off.  So, I like a wide mouth bottle that allows me to insert ice cubes easily.

The other thing I look for in a water bottle is a spout that allows for easy drinking.  I don’t want to fiddle with a lid while running.  I want that water handy. 

The Hydro Flask Water Bottle has all this.  

Anti-Chafing Balm

The other essential item for running more than about 30 minutes on a treadmill is BodyGlide.  I find that I chafe after I’ve been sweating and moving for this long.  BodyGlide or a little Vaseline in strategic places helps tremendously with this problem.  I like BodyGlide better as it isn’t as sticky or gooey. 

The wicking clothing mentioned before helps a lot too.  But it just isn’t enough sometimes. 

BodyGlide comes in pink for “her” and blue “original”.
The pink does have extra moisturizing ingredients.
My husband has used the pink and likes it better… shhhhh!

Cooling Microfiber Towel

When sweat starts to bead up on my forehead, it starts dripping into my eyes.  And that picture, my friends, is exactly how it feels… uncomfortable.  I try to keep a small microfiber towel handy to wipe it off before it gets into my eyes.  Microfiber is super absorbent and feels so soft. 

These fast drying microfiber towels (medium size) are perfect.  And when I run outside, I just thread one through the top loop of my hydration pack.  So handy.

Amazing colors! I love these.

Cooling Fan

The final item in my ideal indoor running setup is a cooling fan.  Yes, some treadmills have a built in fan.  But these fans are not all that powerful, and they only blow air at your face.  They don’t cool your whole body.

A fan that blows cooling air at your torso is a beautiful thing.  It can also help your run feel as though your are outdoors running your favorite route. 

So, there you have it.  That is my ideal indoor running set up.  Is there anything you would add to the list? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. I always think that running inside is awful compared to the outdoors so I’m grateful for these helpful ideas!

    1. I prefer outdoor running too. But my treadmill comes in handy sometimes. Treadmill running doesn’t have to be torturous. 😉

    1. You are right… so go out and buy that adorable & manly outfit. My husband likes to coordinate his running outfits. Men should be inspired too. I will include men’s wear in a future article. Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting a treadmill. I have a stationary bike, but I’m not seeing results with it. Running seems to be more effective. So, thanks for the tips!

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