Health Benefits of Trees and Hiking

There are health benefits from hiking and being in a forest.  Trees can have a positive effect on people’s health and well-being.  Science has been exploring this concept for decades.  And I have been reading and experiencing these effects for

Journaling to Overcome Emotions of Cancer

Journaling and expressive writing can improve the lives of cancer patients.  Several scientific studies have shown that journaling can improve sleep, pain levels, other general physical symptoms, psychological well-being and overall quality of life for cancer patients.  Expressive writing has

Grieving a Sports Injury

A sports injury can be difficult to heal from physically, mentally and emotionally.  Some in the field of sports psychology believe we go through phases similar to grieving.  After exploring the topic, diving into the science, watching my fellow athletes

10 Tips For Deep and Peaceful Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for our health and happiness.  Our body and mind function better when they are well rested.  When we don’t get enough rest, we are tired, irritable, sluggish, forgetful and foggy-brained.  We aren’t happy. We don’t