63 Amazing Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

You are looking for non-food weight loss rewards, so I will assume three things. First, you want to lose weight. Second, you have a sense of how much weight you want to lose. And third, you want to reward yourself when you lose weight. But before I tell you these 63 non-food weight loss rewards listed below, I want to ask you if you have thought about making your weight loss goal SMART.

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Setting Your SMART Weight Loss Goals

Setting SMART weight loss goals will make it much more likely that you will lose weight.  So, think about your weight loss goal with the following criteria in mind.

SMART stands for:

S = Specific  

What do you want to do?  Write it down in detail.  Making goal charts are helpful.

And why do you want to do this?  Your WHY is especially important.  It will be the driving force for you to reach your weight loss goals.  Write it down in your goal chart.

M = Measurable

This one is easy.  Your weight loss will be measurable by simply weighing yourself and taking a few other measurements, like waist and arm circumference.  Be sure to take these basic body measurements, and not just weigh yourself.  The weigh scale is not always an indication that you are losing mass. 

A = Achievable

Is it within your power to do this?  Break larger, daunting goals into smaller chunks or mini-goals.  For example, if you need to lose 40 pounds, perhaps aim to lose 10 pounds per month.  And make a specific plan to lose those pounds each month.

R = Realistic

Should you do this?  If you are attempting to lose more than 2 – 3 pounds per week, then it will be hard on your body and mind.  Losing weight too quickly is difficult, dangerous, not sustainable, and the weight is more likely to come back.  Are your mini-goals realistic? 

T = Timely

When do you want to achieve this?  Set a date for the big goal.  But also set dates for all your mini-goals.  And reward yourself for each goal, big or small, you reach.  Add the dates to your goal chart.

If you need more help on setting SMART Goals, read my article Turn Dreams into Reality with Goals Not Resolutions .

Stay Accountable to Yourself during Weight Loss

Weight loss should consist of a long process of building healthy habits.  These habits can be difficult to maintain sometimes.  You will be constantly tempted to eat unhealthy foods.  Food producers know how to tempt us.  There is a whole science behind getting people to eat more of commercially prepared packaged foods. 

Staying accountable means being honest with yourself.  Learn what your triggers are that may derail your healthy habits.  Keep food and exercise journals up to date and nearby.  Break down your big goal into smaller, bite sized chunks.  Reward yourself for every smaller goal that you achieve. 

Your efforts should dictate which reward you choose.  Reward smaller goals with smaller rewards.  Reward big goals with bigger rewards.  What do you feel you deserve for the amount of work you put in?  Write down your goal and reward on your goal chart.  Post it where you can see it every single day.  This will help keep you motivated to work towards it. 

Goal Charting TIP:

I post my goals and rewards on sticky notes.  I stick them on the wall beside my bed.  I see them when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night.  When I look at these notes on my wall, I know how far I have come.  And this makes me smile.  The notes also tell me what I need to do next, so that I stay on course.    

Why Choose Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

You don’t want your reward to derail your healthy eating plan.  I know it is tempting to grab that slice of cheesecake because you earned it.  But do you really want all that work to be wiped out by your reward.  Sure, you can have something sweet and decadent occasionally.  But if you set up smaller weight loss goals, you might end up with too many carbs, fat, and calories.

So, pick mostly non-food weight loss rewards.  Here are 63 examples for you. 

63 Non-Food Weight Loss Rewards

1. Blissful Bubble Bath By Candlelight

On a quiet night at home, pour yourself a soothing bath.  You can add some Epsom salts or a aromatic bath bomb.  Light your favorite candles.  Lower yourself in and enjoy. 

2. Juicy New Novel

Curl up in your favorite chair and dive into a juicy new novel.  Or you could download an audiobook and listen to it during your next workout. 

3. Trip to the Beach

If you are one of the lucky people to have a beach nearby, then a day at the beach is a perfect weight loss reward.  Wear that swimsuit with the pride of your achievement. 

4. Upgrade Your Fitness App

Is your current fitness app just not cutting it anymore?  Why not reward yourself with an upgrade?  A new and exciting app can keep you engaged with new fitness routines. 

5. A Hot New Playlist

New upbeat tunes can really get you pumped during your workouts.  I find I run faster and easier with a good playlist.  I update my music frequently. 

6. Date Night at the Movies

Grab your bestie and go see the latest and greatest movie. 

But skip that theatre popcorn as it is laden with fat, salt, and calories.  Ask if you can bring your own snacks.  If not, eat before and just enjoy the movie.  And if you absolutely must have the popcorn, share a small and don’t add any buttery topping. 

7. Spicy New Workout Outfit

Inspire your workouts with new fitness wear.  There is something so invigorating about cute and comfy activewear.  When I put on new clothes, I immediately want to dive into my workouts. 

8. Rejuvenating Spa Day

Ah!  Enjoy a day at the spa.  Or have a spa day at home.  Light some aromatherapy candles.  Set the mood with some relaxation music.  Give yourself a facial and relax with a good book or magazine. 

9. Carefree Mini-Vacation

Unplug and relax with a mini-vacation.  You don’t have to go far.  Rent a room at your favorite local hotel.  Set up a tent in your backyard or nearby campground. Imagine you are in a far-away exotic location.  Explore areas you haven’t been to yet. Be a tourist in your hometown.

10. Exciting New Fitness Equipment

Go ahead and buy yourself that treadmill or stationary bike.  Not only is it a reward, but it also becomes incentive to continue your fitness journey. 

If that isn’t your style, consider resistance bands, your own kettle bell or Pilates ball

If you run or walk, a new pair of shoes is definitely a reward. 

11. Register for a Fun Fitness Event

Show off your accomplishments at a fitness event.  Run or walk a 5 km race.  Enter an amateur bodybuilding or fitness competition.  Sign up for that bike race.  Participate in a ski loppet this winter.  There are events for all levels of skills in most sports.  It isn’t about winning, or even placing.  It is about participating and doing your best.  Find an event that makes you giddy with excitement. 

12. Frivolous Home Décor Item

Weight loss is hard to achieve.  Reward your success.  Go ahead and buy that home décor item you saw in the store.  Get the thing that makes you smile, even if it serves no other purpose!

13. Elegant New Outfit

Women have been dieting and trying to lose weight to look good for about a century.  Before this, body fat was admired as a status symbol.  Today, we lose weight for our health.  But being able to fit into that little black dress doesn’t hurt either.  Go ahead and splurge on a new outfit.  You earned it. 

14. Gym Membership or Personal Trainer

If you want a practical reward to spend your money on, why not renew that gym membership or hire a personal trainer to tweak your new health plan. 

15. Relaxing Massage

And while we are talking about practical rewards, let’s add a professional massage to that list.  Yes, massages are wonderful and make you feel good.  But a massage therapist can help with muscle recovery and pain relief to keep you working out at your best. 

16. New Foam Roller

A foam roller can give you deep tissue massage any time you need it.  Whether you are feeling stiff after a workout or sore from a long run, a foam rolling is just the thing you need to relax those muscles, keep the blood flowing and reduce inflammation.

17. A Stress-relieving Colouring Book

Art therapy has been used for decades to help reduce stress.  So take a break from adulting for a moment and do some coloring.  A new adult coloring book and some colorful pencils are just the thing to relax and rejuvenate you as you celebrate your weight loss success.

18. Soothing Foot Soak

I absolutely love a nice foot soak, don’t you?  My favorite is a Listerine foot soak.  I talked about it in the post on 5 Common Foot Problems for Runners.  It is so wonderful after a run, walk or hike.  Your feet deserve to celebrate your weight loss too. 

19. Captivating Artwork

I have a few pieces of artwork around my house.  They all put a smile on my face.  Some are from specialty art stores and galleries, or direct from the artist.  Some are photos I have taken myself.  And, of course, my favorite ones are my children’s art.  All the pieces in my home make me happy.

So, buy or make some artwork to celebrate. Find that special piece to commemorate your success.  Keep that smile on your face for years to come. 

20. New Contemporary Dishes

Smaller plate size and the color blue have been shown to suppress appetite and help with weight loss.  So, go ahead and splurge on a set of blue lunch-size plates for your future healthy meals.

21. Stylish Hairdo

Your weight loss efforts need to be recognized.  And what better way to do this but with a new hairstyle.  You can do this in a salon for cut, color or perm.  But you can also do this at home with a snazzy updo.  Not keen on cutting your hair just yet?  Why not get a cute, fun wig?

22. New Healthy Cookbook

Nourishing recipes can add some pizzazz to your meals.  Collect some new healthy recipes to re-excite your tastebuds.

23. Adventurous Tour in Your Hometown

You have seen the advertisements all over town and in the media.  There is that intriguing tour you have always wanted to try.  Perhaps a lunch cruise at the marina?  A walking tour of haunted buildings downtown?  Or a helicopter sightseeing tour of a nearby attraction?  Go ahead and get your ticket.  You deserve it. 

24. Magnificent Manicure

Of course, you need a posh manicure.  Beautiful nail design for a beautiful you!

25. A New Sophisticated Lunch Box

World-renound chefs know that the presentation of food is just as important as the taste.  We enjoy eating visually attractive food.  And healthy lunches can be rousing in a sleek new lunch box. 

26. Take a Glorious Nap

Oh glorious sleep!  A short nap can be such a wonderful treat.  What a fabulous, well-earned reward.

27. New Kitchen Gadget

Get yourself that new blender to make deliciously healthy smoothies.  Perhaps you have been eyeing an instant pot to make nutritious meals easier?  A new kitchen gadget to enhance your new healthier lifestyle is a perfect reward. 

28. Tickets to Comedy Show

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Laughter makes us feel good.  A good boisterous belly laugh works your core muscles too.  So, go have a great time at a local comedy show.

29. Fun Pair of Socks

Novelty socks are a lot of fun.  And they are a great way to show off your personality at the office.  So, buy a pair that speaks to the new you.

And for a more practical gift to yourself, try some new athletic socks for a future of workouts.

30. Maid for a Day

Reward yourself with a deep clean of your living space.  You will feel fresh and rejuvenated as soon as you walk through the doors.  And you don’t have to do it yourself.  Hire a maid service for a day to do it for you. 

31. New Mug for Coffee or Tea

Enjoy your morning coffee or your afternoon herbal tea in a new inspiring mug

32. Gift Basket

Send yourself a gift basket of your favorite things.  Or have someone send you a fun box full of surprises.  You could also subscribe to a fitness box subscription to inspire you to continue your weight loss journey.

33. New Water Bottle

Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  And a fancy new water bottle is a great way to reward your new healthy habit.

34. Wonderful New Shoes

Who doesn’t love new shoes!  Get whatever pair you like, stilettos, flats, sandals, slippers, boots, loafers, or tennis shoes.  Of course, my preference would be a new pair of running shoes.  

35. Unplug and do nothing

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

– Guillaume Apollinaire –

Simply enjoying some solitude is a glorious reward.  I know that I treasure and enjoy my quiet alone-time on occasion. 

36. Commemorative Charm for Your Bracelet

Etsy has some adorable, personalized weight loss charms to mark each weight loss goal.  Get one for your big goal.  Or collect several for each smaller step you make.  Such a clever way to share your success. 

37. Flowers

Send yourself some flowers.  You worked hard at losing that weight, you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back.  If flowers make you smile, then send yourself a beautiful bouquet. 

38. Go Bowling

Celebrate conquering your goals with family or friends.  Go out for a night of bowling.  It’s fun and great exercise all rolled into one. 

39. Theater Tickets

Is there a play or show in your local theatre right now?  Go see it.  What a perfectly pleasing reward.

40. Magazine Subscription

Why not get a subscription to a fitness magazine?  Or perhaps a favorite magazine just for fun?  This is the reward that keeps on giving month after month. 

41. Try a New Sport

There are so many different sports to try.  If you are adventurous, you could go sky diving or bungee jumping.  In the winter, you could go skiing or snowboarding.  Perhaps a water sport like paddleboard, windsurfing or kayaking is more your style.  You could also join a team or a club that would help you learn a sport you have always wanted to do. 

42. Balloon Bouquet

Send yourself a fun balloon bouquet or balloon-in-a-box to celebrate your weight loss milestone. 

43. New Yoga Mat

A fancy new yoga mat is a great idea for a weight loss reward.  Perhaps a nice thick mat or a handy carry case for the one you have now. 

44. A Playful Pedicure

Fancy toes are in order when you show off your strong new legs.  Go get that pedicure if it makes you happy. 

45. Celebrate with Friends

Reaching your weight loss goal is a perfect excuse for a fun girl’s night out.  Or perhaps a family picnic is more to your liking.  Shout out your success and celebrate with others.  You earned it. And you may even inspire them to build healthy habits too.   

46. Lottery Tickets

Maybe your weight loss success will find you lucky?  Why not celebrate by purchasing a lotto ticket. 

47. Cooking Classes

There are restaurants that will teach you how to cook fancy, nutritious dishes.  And you get to eat the delicious meal too.  Just be sure to remember your portion control.   It can be a fun night out with a loved one or couple of friends to help you celebrate reaching your weight loss goal. 

48. An Amazing Makeover

While we should focus on the health aspects of weight loss, we can’t ignore the fact that you will look and feel healthy too.  Why not enhance your beauty with a makeover.  

If you can’t get a professional makeover, you could buy some new makeup and DIY at home. 

49. Day at a Local Amusement Park

If you have a local amusement park, arcade, or mini putt near by, embrace your inner child and have some fun. 

50. Jazzy New Jewelry

Reward your hard work with some fancy bling!  Buy that beautiful necklace or bracelet you always wanted.  Or how about some snazzy earrings or shiny new ring?

51. A Perfect Perfume

Is there a perfume you always wanted, but could never justify purchasing?  Well, now is your chance.  Go ahead and reward yourself for a job well done. 

52. A Fresh New Journal

I love the clean pages of a brand-new journal just waiting for me to put my words down.  This makes me happy.  And journaling your weight loss goals on paper can help you lose more weight.  This is a deluxe-reward, I think. 

53. An Urban Hike in New Area of Town

I wrote about Urban Hiking.  It can be a wonderful reward to explore a new area of your city.  You will burn extra calories too.  Bonus!

54. New Make Up Palette

Treat yourself to a new make up palette.  Give yourself a fresh new look to go with your new body. 

55. A Photo Shoot

Before and after photos can give you motivation to stick with your new healthy eating habits.  You could have a professional photo shoot done.  Or you can have some fun with a friend and DIY a photo shoot.  Both make a great weight loss reward. 

56. Healthy Meal Kit Service

Healthy meal kits, such as Hello Fresh, are an easy way to keep eating healthy.  It can be hard to menu plan week after week.  So, why not reward your weight loss with a meal kit delivery right to your door? 

57. New Fitness Tracker

My favorite fitness tracker is the Garmin Forerunner 45.  It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what I need it to do at a very reasonable price.  The Garmin Vivoactive and Fenix are also good choices.

My daughter loves her Fitbit Versa, as it is tracks her steps and offers a variety of workout options.  Other popular Fitbits are the Charge and Sense

58. Aromatherapy Candles or Essential Oil Diffuser

Some say that aromatherapy can help with weight loss.  There are a few studies to support these claims.  Vanilla and bergamot scents can help with food cravings.  Peppermint can help suppress appetite.  And grapefruit and lemon scents may help boost metabolism. 

Candles and essential oils can also be relaxing and soothing.  So, pick your favorite scent and reward yourself. 

59. A Soothing Self-Massager

You can’t always go to a professional massage therapist.  A self-massager is a great way to help your muscles heal after a hard workout.  So, give yourself home massages with special massage tools

60. Elegant New Belt

With inches lost, you likely need a new belt.  Get yourself an elegant one.  Splurge a little.  You earned it. 

61. Concert Tickets

Is your favorite band coming to town?  Then go and reward yourself with some concert tickets.  How much fun is that!  And dancing to the music will even burn some extra calories. 

62. Deep Cleansing Facial

A professional facial is an amazing thing!  Such a wonderful, relaxing reward for all your hard work. 

If you can’t go for a professional massage, why not try a DIY home facial with a face massager kit

63. Do that thing you have always wanted to do

I have listed many non-food weight loss rewards here.  But maybe I missed that thing you have always wanted to do?  Why not do it.  There is no better reward than something that is personal and brings you joy. 

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  2. I love these non-food weight loss rewards and how you encourage taking body measurements! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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