My Favorite Run Gear

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I know a lot of runners who hate to shop.  Shopping takes time away from what we loved to do… RUN!  So, I did the leg work for you.  I have compiled my list of favorite run gear.  These are products my friends and I have used before and really like.  I have also read many reviews from running magazines, other customers who have purchased these items and consumer reports.  Like I said…I did the leg work for you. 

So, without further delay… Here is my list of favorite run gear.  I hope you like these products too.  

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt

Nathan makes the best hydration products, in my opinion.  This belt is perfect for shorter training runs and races, as there is room for a cell phone, tissues & run nutrition. It doesn’t bounce when running like some other pouches. 

Noxgear Tracer360 Safety Vest

Noxgear has come up with another fabulous safety vest.  The Tracer360 is this year’s hottest runner safety vest.  There are 6 different colors that light up with 5 multi-colored eye catching flashing modes.  Perfect to keep you visable & safe.  

Race Number & Hydration Belt
with Cell Phone Pocket

Perfect for attaching your race bibs.  No pins needed to snag and put holes in that favorite run gear.  This race number belt also has room for a cell phone or run nutrition. 

Medal and Bib Display Hanger
with Dry Erase Personal Records

Every racer needs a medal display board to show off their hard earned bling.  I love this one because it has a place for bibs too.  And you can keep track of your personal records on the handy dry erase boards.  

Muscle Roller Stick & Balls
by Physix Gear Sport

This quiet, “no squeak” massager stick targets trigger points and is a great tool to help with leg cramps and muscle tightness.  Using myofascial release techniques post exercise is a great way to recover from an intense workout.  

OOFOS Ooriginal
Sport Recovery Sandal

There is nothing quite like taking your running shoes of after a really long sweaty run and slipping on a pair of OOFOS recovery sandals.  So comfortable for tired feet and they let your toes breath freely to air out all that sweatiness.  

OOFOS come in many different styles and colors.  

Nathan Trail Mix
Hydration Backpack

This is the best hydration pack, in my opinion.  It is the one I used to train for my marathon.  I love it.  There are pockets at the front to easily reach nutrition and cell phone.  It is light weight.  There is room in the back for bigger things, like clothes when you get hot.  It is also great for hiking.  

This hydration backpack also comes in grey and safety orange. 

Hydration Backpack
Cleaning Kit

If you own a hydration backpack you NEED a cleaning kit. Without the proper tools it is hard to get right into all those nooks and crannies.  You need to clean these hard to reach spots to make sure no mold or mildew are building up.  Ewwww!  

Runner Personal Alarm
by Sabre

Runners, especially women, can be harassed and attacked on runs.  This adjustable, reflective and weather-resistant alarm can be worn on the wrist like a watch.  When in danger, simply pull the pin to set off a very loud alarm.  It alerts others and scares away attackers.  

LED Headlamp for Running

Another “must-have” piece for run safe gear.  Perfect for the runner that runs early in the morning or late into the evening when it is dark outside.  This bright is waterproof, lightweight, adjustable and most importantly, comfortable.

Bondi Band Wicking Headband

Finally a wicking headband that stays in place when you run.  There are many Bondi Band colors and prints to choose from.   They make a great gift too.  

Running Sunglasses
by Goodr

Runners love Goodr sunglasses.  They don’t slip  or bounce to annoy you as you run and sweat.  They have UV400 polarized protective lenses to help block out the sun’s glare.  

Goodr sunglasses come in many fun colors too. 

Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch

This run watch has a lot of bang for the buck.  It is an economical running watch with some fabulous bells and whistles, including heart rate and VO2 Max.  I know many runners who absolutely love this watch.  

CSX Compression Sports Socks

A fabulous compression sock from a company that knows athletic injuries.  I first discovered these at a huge running expo.  Both my husband and I won’t buy any other brand now. 

Nordic Track C990 Treadmill

Nordic Track makes a great treadmill.  Ours has lasted years upon years and is still keeping us running at home.  The C990 rated very high in many running magazine reviews.  

Jabra Elite Wireless Sport Earbuds

Jabra ear buds were rated number one by several running magazines.  These Elite Active ear buds are wireless, secure fitting and has a 5 hour battery life.  Perfect for entertaining on those long, tedious training runs.  

Balega Blister Resist Socks

Beluga is a brand of sock that most runners love and trust.  They are wicking, stay warm when wet and help prevent blisters. 

Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm

A must have product for anyone running further than 3 miles. Body Glide is a non-sticky anti-blister and chaffing balm.  I use it strategically to prevent rubbing when I run.  I also use it on my face in the winter to prevent wind burn.  It is great to use on sunglasses to prevent them from fogging up.  Apply it to the lens, then buff until clear again.  

Night Tech Gear Shoe Lights

Stay safe and help prevent trip injuries with these shoe lights.  They are great for lighting up the path or trail in front of you.  They make a great addition to a headlamp, as headlamps don’t light up the ground directly in front of your feet.  

Garmin Fenix 5 Watch

The Garmin Fenix 5 is a top rated premium multi-sport watch for those a little more serious about training.  It has heart rate monitoring, smart notifications, and outdoor sensors including compass and barometer. It really is a fabulous watch.

Runner Medal Hanger Display

Every racer needs a display board to show off their hard earned medals.  This one has bars that let your medals sit flat against the wall, instead of sticking out.  It’s a great space saver.  

High Density Foam Roller

This high density foam roller provides myofascial release of those stiff and sore muscles after a workout.  The foam roller is a more traditional method to iron out those major muscle groups in legs and back.  I love my foam roller.  

Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

Buff makes the favorite head wear products of most runners.  And how adorable is this one!  Merino wool helps keep the runner warm even when it gets wet, so it is perfect for winter running. 

Buff makes many different styles, prints and colors. 

Extra Thick Yoga Mat
with Carrying Strap

I looked all over for a nice and thick yoga mat.  Finally they made one!  Floor exercises and yoga just got a little more comfortable with this extra thick mat.  Simply roll up and use the handy carry strap to go to your next fitness class.  

This mat comes in other colors too. 

Under Armour Cold Gear
Long Sleeve Mock Neck
For Women

I love Under Armour Cold Gear for my first under layer in winter.  The fleece-like brushed interior of the mock neck is so comfortable.  It is long enough to cover and keep my butt warm too. 

Under Armour Cold Gear
Leggings for Winter Running
For Women

The Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings are a perfect complement to the long sleeve top.  They are light weight, warm and wicking.  I love mine for winter running.  

Under Armour Cold Gear
Long Sleeve Compression Shirt
For Men

My husband loves his Under Armour Cold Gear for the first layer on cold morning runs. These shirts keep you warm and dry with a bonus of a little compression too. 

Under Armour
Cold Gear Leggings
For Men

The Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings are light weight, warm and wicking.  My husband loves his.  He wears them under a wind layer on cold winter runs.

Bubble Mate Foot Spa
by HoMedics

This foot bath is so great after a long run when you have tired and sore feet.  I use Original (yellow) Listerine diluted with water in mine for an amazing foot soak.  I have also used Epsom salts too.  Both feel so amazing after a run.  

Epsoak Sport Epsom Salt
for Athletes

So relaxing! Epsoak Epsom Salt for Athletes helps your muscles recover from a hard workout.  Great for muscle soreness and tired feet.  The pleasant scent is really nice too.  A perfect complement to the foot bath as well.