My Favorite Run Gear

Besides running, I love shopping.  Well… if I am being completely honest, I actually hate grocery shopping … but I love shopping for running and fitness products.  There are so many unique, cool and helpful products out there for runners.  So, I thought I would do some online shopping and put together a review of my favorite gear.  

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Updated June 18, 2020

But, I know a lot of runners who hate to shop, even for run gear.  My husband is one of those, so I get it.  Shopping takes time away from what we loved to do… RUN!  

So, I combined my love of running with my love for shopping. 

I have compiled my list of favorite run gear.  These are products my friends and I have used before and really like.  

I have also read many reviews from running magazines, other customers who have purchased these items and consumer reports. If you are one of those that hates shopping, I did the leg work for you.  You’re welcome! 

So, without further delay… Here is my list of favorite run gear.  I just know you will love these products too.  

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt

Nathan makes the best hydration products, in my opinion.  This belt is perfect for shorter training runs and races, as there is room for a cell phone, tissues & run nutrition. 

It doesn’t bounce when running like some other pouches. 

I use to have a Fuel Belt, which was okay.  It did the trick.  But after a couple uses, the velcro on the belt lost it’s stickiness.  I had to use a clip to secure it, or it would fall off easily.  The Nathan Belts don’t do this.  They have a secure clip.  

The bottles also don’t fall out as easily, I find.  I lost a few bottles when hiking with other belts.  But not the Nathan Trail Mix Belt.  

They have some pretty colors too. Click on the image for more color choices.  I like the blue one!

Noxgear Tracer360 Safety Vest

Noxgear has come up with another fabulous safety vest.  The Tracer360 is this year’s hottest runner safety vest.  There are 6 different colors that light up with 5 multi-colored eye catching flashing modes.  Perfect to keep you visable & safe.  

The first of my runner friends to buy this vest was Steph.  Oh, man, she just lit up like a Christmas Tree.  We could see her for miles.  And that triggered almost all of my other running buddies to go out and get one of these safety vests.  

They also have Noxgear LightHound for your dog too!  Its super bright as well.  

Nathan Race Number Belt

This belt is perfect for attaching your race bibs. 

The bib pins had poked holes through some of my favorite run shirts too.  So, I was tired of damaging my shirts time and again just to attach a bib.  Some runners pin bibs to their shorts or tights, but that’s even worse, in my mind.  Run bottoms, and tops, are so expensive. With the toggles on this belt you can attach your bib without pins.  

OOFOS - OOlala Sport Recovery Sandal

OMG… so comfortable!  After a long run, and especially a longer hike, I can’t wait to get my sweaty shoes off (sorry was that too graphic?).  My toe tips are so tender and my feet ache.  

Have you ever tried to put on shoes over sweaty, tender feet?  I know, right!  Trust me, you need a pair of these for after your runs. 

I am not even sure how to describe how wonderful it feels to get those running shoes off and put on these sandals! They are gentle on tender toes, since there is nothing for them to touch.  

These are amazing on tired feet and they let your toes breath freely to air out all that sweatiness.  

Oofos has lots of colours in this style, including a very pretty rose gold.  There are other styles available too, including a unisex OOahh slide.  

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Backpack

I bought this hydration backpack last year when training for my marathon.  It came highly recommended.  Some of my marathon and ultramarathon running buddies raved about this brand.  

They weren’t lying!  This is the best hydration pack I own.  I love it.  

There are pockets at the front to easily reach nutrition and cell phone.  It is light weight.  There is room in the back for bigger things, like clothes when you get hot.  

It is also great for hiking.  I use it all the time now for any runs or hikes that are over an hour in duration.  

This hydration backpack also comes in other colors. 

Hydration Backpack Cleaning Kit

If you own a hydration backpack you NEED a cleaning kit. Without the proper tools it is hard to get right into all those nooks and crannies.  You need to clean these hard to reach spots to make sure no mold or mildew are building up.  Ewwww!  

I couldn’t do an adequate job of cleaning my hydration backpack without these special brushes.  The long ‘snake-looking’ tool is for the silicon tubing that goes from the water bladder to your mouth.  Nothing else fits in there or is long enough to do an adequate cleaning job.  

CSX Compression Sports Socks


I first discovered CSX compression socks at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon running expo.  I was suffering from shin splints at the time.  My chiroprator had me all taped up.  But I wondered if there was a better solution.  

I had tried compression socks before, but they were so hard to get on.  I had calf cramps just from struggling to pull them up.  Then I taked with the guy at the expo.   He told me to try these.  Wow!  What a difference.  Since wearing these, I haven’t had any shin splints.  

Both my husband and I won’t buy any other brand now. 

These truly are a fabulous compression sock from a company that knows athletic injuries.  CSX makes other recovery support products for athletes. 

Garmin Forerunner 35 Watch

This run watch has a lot of bang for the buck.  It is an economical running watch with some fabulous bells and whistles, including heart rate and VO2 Max.  I know many runners who absolutely love this watch.  

My husband has this watch and loves it.  I still have my Garmin Vivoactive, which, unfortunately, is still going strong.  I am waiting for it to konk out so that I can get a Forerunner 35.  This is a great little watch.  

I am jealous that my husband can record both time and distance intervals with his Forerunner 35.  It has been really handy when he is doing speed work to train for the Boston Marathon.  And he tracks his heart rate and VO2 max during his speed drills.  

Nordic Track Treadmill

Nordic Track makes a great treadmill.  Ours has lasted years upon years and is still keeping us running at home.  They don’t make the model we have any more.  

I don’t really like running on a treadmill. I much prefer to run outside.  But our treadmill has come in handy so many times.  I have used it in bad weather, such as pouring rain, extreme temperatures and snow storms.  

My chiropractor recommends the treadmill sometimes when I am recovering from an injury and getting back into running.  It is more gentle on your legs compared to harder pavement outside.  

I did a lot of reading about treadmills recently.  I wrote two articles about them in my blog.  And from everything I have seen, Nordic Track comes out on top in most reviews.  Their T – Series treadmills rate very high in many running magazine reviews.  

Muscle Roller Stick & Balls by Physix Gear Sport

This is a great tool to help with leg cramps and muscle tightness after a run.     

I have both a massaging roller stick and a foam roller.  I use both all the time.  I don’t know what I would do without them during my training runs.  They both use myofascial release to help get out all those knots and kinks. 

I find the roller stick is great for travelling.  It is skinny, so tucks into the front of my suitcase nicely.  It is also great for those muscles that are hard to reach, like the sides of your legs where the IT band is.  

I also use the roller stick when I am too stiff and sore to get on the floor to use my foam roller.  Some days, it is a real effort to get into position to use a high density foam roller.  

High Density Foam Roller

The foam roller is a more traditional method to iron out those major muscle groups in legs and back.  I love my foam roller.  

This high density foam roller seems to do a better job at working out the kinks in my old muscles.  But, like I said above, some days I just can’t get down onto the floor to use it properly. 

I love it for rolling out my hamstrings, butt and calves though.  Feels so good to get those tight bits stretched out.  All I do is sit on it and roll it down the back of my legs.  

It is great for the larger muscle groups.  But I like the roller stick for smaller muscles.  You really need both to do an adequate job, in my opinion.  


Bubble Bliss Foot Spa by HoMedics

This foot bath is so great after a long run when you have tired and sore feet.  

If you have never tried a foot spa… oh wow… you really don’t know what you are missing.  It is a fantastic way to recover your feet.  

I just used mine a few days ago after a long hike.  I had blisters on almost every toe, as it was a long wet hike.  I, stupidly, had on old socks.  I really do know better, but just didn’t think about it until it was too late. 

Anyways, I used my foot spa with some Epsom salts.  Blisters settled right down and I was able to run 10 miles the next day.  

I sometimes use Original (yellow) Listerine diluted with water in mine for an amazing foot soak. That is a real treat!  

Epsoak Sport Epsom Salt for Athletes

Speaking of Epsom salts… Epsoak is designed specifically for athletic recovery. 

So relaxing! Epsoak Epsom Salt for Athletes helps your muscles recover from a hard workout. Great for muscle soreness and tired feet.  

It has added lavender essential oils that have anti-inflammatory and pain-easing properties. The pleasant scent is really nice too. 

This amazing product is a perfect complement to the foot bath as well.  

I hope you enjoyed this reveiw.  Happy shopping!