Is Running or Walking Better for Weight Loss?

Robert William, of Fit Territory, is passionate about fitness. While he is not a huge fan of cardio exercise, he knows it is a vital component of keeping fit. He has graciously agreed to write a guest blog article for Pink Ribbon Runner. In this article he helps us answer the question; is running or walking better for weight loss.

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Let’s read what Robert has to say…

You wake up in the morning, freshen up, change into your workout attire, slip into your running shoes, and hit the track. That’s your everyday routine. Like any other day, you will see a lot of people stretching, doing yoga, brisk walking, and jogging.

So, you decide to run a few extra miles today. You start steady and then slowly increase your speed to bypass those people who are gasping and huffing even to climb up that slope. You feel good about your stamina and your ability to burn more calories in less time.

Running Feels Like an Adventure

That’s your achievement for the day, and it is motivating. Isn’t it? Running feels like an adventure, and it gets more and more exciting every day. It gives you that instant rush of adrenaline and keeps you productive all day long. These are not just my views but are based on well-researched studies and facts.

Running & Walking Are Like Apples & Oranges

Comparing running to walking is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are fruits and are going to give you similar health benefits. They both have their positive impacts, and the end goals are the same too.

Your goals may be reducing weight, fighting cholesterol, training for marathons, reducing your risk for cancer, burning calories, or keeping your heart healthy. A high-intensity workout like running is a perfect way to give your body a kick-start.

But let’s dive in deeper … 

Is Running or Walking the Best Way to Reduce Your Weight?

Every exercise has a specific purpose attached to them. And, when it comes to running, there can be many. The first step is to find out the reason that you want to incorporate running into your fitness regime.

If your end goal is to reduce weight in less time, running is your pick.

One Study Suggests Running is Better For Weight Loss

A study claimed that running could give you more visible results and imbibe in your healthy qualities that will become your second nature. They compared approximately 16,000 walkers with around 30,000 runners.

The comparison parameters were primarily about their weight, waist circumference, diets, and their running or walking mileage when they joined the study until the last day after six years. They found out that every runner was thinner than the walker.

Also, when they threw a grand buffet to relish on, the runners had a small appetite as compared to the walkers. This is the reason why they could keep their weight better off in the long run.

Another Study Suggests Weight Loss Requires Less Time For Runners

There was a study performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, where they compared the weight loss data of runners and walkers after six months of persistently performing their respective exercise. They found that both runners and walkers led to approximately the same weight loss. The only difference being that walkers had to invest more time in a day.

If you have ample time, have any joint pains, breathing issues, then walking is recommended. Both running and walking are going to give you the same end results. It is the time factor that makes them different. You need to walk more for the same weight loss.

If running simply does not appeal to you, then walking should be a compulsory addition in your routine.

And, with the health benefits that they both offer, what are you waiting for to get out of the bed and hit the roadway.

But, remember, you need to be persistent and patient if you are looking for long term results.

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Walking Is Also Good Recovery for Runners

If you are training for your first 5K or are a newbie runner, you should always start slow. Always remember that excessive running at the start can be taxing to your legs or can cause soreness. This is where walking comes into the picture. It is an essential part of your training schedule that helps keep your body at its best.

Walking is one of the best ways to build recovery in your workout routine. It is low impact, promotes blood circulation to your muscles and gives them rest to allow them to recover. 

10 Reasons to Run

Well, if these studies and well-researched facts do not convince you, I have another list of benefits that running offers. Come, let’s take a sneak peek.

1. Running is versatile. It is fun. It is flexible. You do not have to invest your hard-earned money into buying a gym membership. 

2. You don’t have to invest in any machine. Again, it does not break your bank.

3. All you have to do is put on a good, comfortable pair of shoes, pull up your socks, and go!

4. You can run any time of the day and anywhere to wish to. If the weather is bad, like it’s raining or snowing, you can run indoors, in one place or on a treadmill.

5. Promotes lean muscles tissue, strong bones, and improved joint health

6. Minimizes stress and gives you a sound sleep at night. This, in turn, reduces the chances of having a heart attack or stroke later in life.

7. Provides relief from pain due to arthritis or joint swelling.

8. It lowers the risk of tumors such as breast or colon cancer.

9. It improves your mood and boosts your self-esteem.

10. It helps keep mental health problems like anxiety and depression at bay.

Every Footstep Counts

Understand that every footstep that you count is like an investment in your future health. Your body is just like a bank account if you do not spend the money, i.e., calories tactically and adequately, it is going to go waste, and you will be in losses in the long run. 

Running is an inexpensive and effective way to obtain a great physique and sustain good health. You can keep your weight in control, along with preventing any prolonged heart diseases and reducing risk for some cancers. It can also be a great way to socialize.

You can join certain clubs or groups where you will meet interesting and experienced people. You can learn new techniques from them that can guide you to improve yourself. Participating in races, marathons, or going on run trips (runcations) is also fun.

Run or Walk – Just Be Active!

Put a step towards an active lifestyle by incorporating running or walking in your workout regime. If you had never gone to a gym before or participated in any form of physical exercise and are thinking of how you can begin, I have got you covered. You can initially start with walking and let your muscles adapt and steadily change into running.

While running is more vigorous exercise, both running and walking give you some immense benefits. And, as long as you are doing something that is benefiting your physical as well as mental health, you are all good.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.

If you want to learn more about running or walking to keep fit, check out the Pink Ribbon Runner Being Active Archives. And Check out my Beginner Guides for Walking, Hiking and Running.


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  1. Hm interesting read! I’ve definitely noticed that the more I take evening walks the more energy I have and sometimes I even feel the need to jog quick which NEVER happened before lol

    1. Wonderful to read that you are walking in the evenings. Walking is a fantastic way to stay healthy. If you are walking often and find it just isn’t getting your heart rate up anymore, you may very well be ready for running. Give it some thought. And check out my post about How to Start Running in the Running Archives.

  2. I’ve been walking for 20 minutes on the treadmill each morning. It’s been definitely helping my moods, and it’s a positive start for the day. I do miss running though, and have lost a lot of that endurance since having kids. I want to pick it back up again though!

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