First Marathon Pre-Race Thoughts

Our first marathon is 3 days away.  Eek!  The Struggle Buster Trio of Stephanie, Anita and Tricia (that’s me) have trained for over 20 weeks to prepare for the Twin Cities Marathon.  With the race fast approaching, excitement and nervousness

Marathon Training: Week 19

Training for our first marathon has peaked at Week 19, which had us running 20 miles yet again. The training so far has been a whirlwind of fun, laughter, friendship, pain and mental struggle. The Struggle Buster Trio of Stephanie,

Marathon Training: Week Twelve

In preparing for our first 18-mile run, doubt and anxiety filled my head. This trio of first-time-wannabe-marathoners, consisting of Anita, Stephanie and myself, continue to train for our first marathon. We are now at Week 12. Running these new longer

Marathon Training: Week Ten

The 2019 Marathon Challenge Week Ten is done. I am finding it hard to believe that the Struggle Buster Trio, comprising of Anita, Stephanie and I, have progressed this far. We are now into the very heart of the long

Marathon Training: Week Nine

Oh my goodness! Is it Week Nine of our 2019 marathon training challenge already? Time sure flies. My apologies for not blogging about our adventures sooner, but there has been so much other stuff to blog about lately too. I

Marathon Training: Week Four

The Struggle Buster Trio are progressing well in these early weeks of marathon training. Week Four marks one fifth of the way through our training plan. The weekly mileage will now be steadily increasing. This week saw us running 12

Marathon Training: Week Two

May 14, 2019 is the end of week two of our 2019 Marathon Challenge Training. Anita, Stephanie and I, Tricia, are all training for our first marathon in October. The training is just getting under way. I will be blogging

Marathon Training: Week One

May 7, 2019 sees us at the end of the Struggle Buster Trio’s first week of marathon training. It didn’t go as well as we had planned. This past weekend was suppose to see Stephanie, Anita and I continue our

First Day of Marathon Training

May 1, 2019 was the first official day of marathon training for 3 crazy ladies. And, this is the start of my story telling as we train and prepare for the Twin Cities Metronics Marathon on October 6, 2019. It