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Leopard Pack Charity Cookbook

“Cooking for a Cure”

Together we can make breast cancer beatable! 

Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser Cookbook for Healthy Cooking with Cancer

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100% of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society 

after the Run for the Cure in October 2023. 

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When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, the world stopped for a moment and the doctors words were in slow motion.  It was a feeling I will never forget.” 

– Christine, breast cancer survivor –

About 13% of women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.  Think about 8 women in your life.  Now, think that one of those women will develop breast cancer.  Yes, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.  That statistic is staggering. 

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, worldwide.  There are over 2 million new cases of breast cancer annually in the world.  That means over 5,400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. 

That is worth repeating . . . 

. . .   let that sink in for a moment . . .

“I was surprised.  I have always been so healthy, exercised regularly, ate well, took care of myself, regular checkups and mammograms and BOOM!  . . . Breast Cancer.  Do your self checks. It can save your life!” 

– Diane, breast cancer survivor –

About 268,000 of these are new cases in the US.  And over 27,400 new cases are diagnosed annually in Canada. 

This cancer is treatable when it is small.  But the problem is that most people with breast cancer don’t know they have it until a tumor becomes larger.  By the time it is detected, about 81% of these women will have cancer that spreads locally.  In the US, over 41,000 women and 500 men die of breast cancer annually.  Yes, men can get breast cancer too. 

We need to find a better way.  We need to find a cure!

“To me, a cure is future.  It is new experiences and hope.  It is faith that forever is possible.”

– Katie, breast cancer survivor –

We Are Running for a Cure

Every year since my diagnosis, I have run in the CIBC Run for the Cure.  I am Patricia Prince, founder of this website, Pink Ribbon Runner.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and with the help of my cancer care oncology team and my new lifestyle full of healthy habits, I am currently cancer free. 

I met Michelle Blackburn when I was first learning to run, back in 2014.  It was immediately obvious that we would become friends.  I joined her Run for the Cure team, the Leopard Pack, in 2015.  The Leopard Pack has been raising funds to help find a cure for breast cancer for 10 years.

“Who gets cancer? Ordinary, average people, like me.  First I was in shock, then in a state of disbelief, then I accepted the diagnosis.  I dug deep and one step at a time, I did what I had to do.  And, I discovered I am stronger than I ever imagined”

– Lisa, breast cancer survivor –

The Leopard Pack Team

When Michelle Blackburn was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, the leopard became her symbol of strength.  Leopard print clothing was worn to all her treatments and appointments.  It became the inspiration for the name of her CIBC Run for the Cure team, The Leopard Pack. 

The Leopard Pack, a team of friends and family, participated in their first CIBC Run for the Cure in 2011 in support of Michelle.  They RAWR’d their way to the top of the fundraising board.

Year after year, The Leopard Pack comes back to raise funds in the fight against breast cancer. We run the 3 miles in honor of those who are diagnosed and living with breast cancer.  We also run in memory of our beloved team members who are no longer with us. 

“Being in recovery feels like you have a gun pointed in the back of your neck.  You never know when or if it will go off.  A cure would definitely keep that gun away!”

– Karen, breast cancer survivor –

Leopard Pack Charity Cookbook

This year, we decided to put together a charity cookbook.  This cookbook is full of delicious family favorite recipes, each donated by someone touched by cancer.  All recipes were graciously donated.  And some of them are treasured secret family dishes, never-before available to the public. 

Have a sneak peek about what is inside…

Decide what you want to pay

 (minimum $14.95)

100% of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society 

after the Run for the Cure in October 2023. 

Delicious Recipes for Homecooked Meals

  • Amazing Turkey Zucchini Meatballs
  • Grandma Anne’s Meat Pie
  • Fall / Winter Soup
  • Gerry Mageau’s Famous Potato Soup
  • Shirley’s Granola
  • Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake
  • Sweet Potato Bread
  • Broiled Spicy Party Shrimp
  • Blackened Salmon
  • Vegan Mongolian Beef and Broccoli
  • Easy Gluten-Free Brownies
  • Mushroom Risotto
  • Vegan Irish Apple Muffins
  • Chocolate Mocha and Coconut Bliss Balls

              . . . and many MORE

There are over 30 incredibly delicious recipes in this professionally designed eCookbook. 

“I use to be terrified of ever getting cancer.  However, now that I am on THIS side of the diagnosis, I realize living in fear was just me living without education.  Cancer is my path, but it is not my destination.  I own my future.”

– Jodi, breast cancer survivor –

Decide what you want to pay

 (minimum $14.95)

100% of the proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society 

after the Run for the Cure in October 2023. 


A special thank you to Melissa Lemay of Graphic Maven for volunteering her amazing talents to create this beautiful charity cookbook.  Be sure to ask her about her graphic design services.  

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