50 Foods That Fight Cancer

Cancer Fighting Diet eBook

This eBook is general information only and is not intended to replace advice of medical professionals or registered dietitians. 

The 50 Foods That Fight Cancer eBook

Eating healthy has never been easier!

This eBook includes:  

  • 50 common foods that have anti-cancer properties
  • easy to read evidence based on science
  • practical ways to use superfoods to eat healthy
  • a simple way to balance macronutrients
  • powerful nutrients to add to every meal

. . . and so much more!

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Hi!  I am Patricia Prince and I am a cancer survivor.  

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2013.  

I endured two surgeries, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, months of daily radiation treatments and years of hormonal therapy.  I was so tired and weak after my treatments.  I wanted to have energy and be strong again. 

I fought my cancer with everything I had.  I listened to my doctors.  And I stopped making excuses for my poor lifestyle choices. 

It was time to get healthy!  

The doctors did what they could.  Now it was my turn to do what I could. 

So, I learned about eating a healthy and balanced diet to fight cancer.  I read books and medical journals. And I took courses… a lot of courses. 

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and exercising were two things I committed to doing. 

I also discovered that scientific researchers are studying specific foods for cancer- fighting potential.  I wanted to eat those too. 

And over the last year, I compiled what I learned about 50 of these powerful superfoods into this eBook.   

There’s MORE . . .

I want you to be able to use these 50 foods in easy, practical ways. 

So, I am giving you THREE EXTRA BONUSES absolutely FREE.



I am sharing 20 of my secret family recipes with you.  These recipes include ingredients from the 50 Foods that Fight Cancer list.

Enjoy tasty dishes such as

  • vegetable chili
  • fajita bowls
  • pumpkin pie oatmeal
  • butternut squash soup
  • family favorite stew
  • breakfast power cookies
  • creamy banana ice with berry sauce
  • and many more!
Foods to Fight Cancer


Meal planning made easy! When you plan out your meals you will …

  • eat healthier
  • save time
  • control calories
  • waste less food
  • save money

I tell you how to plan out your weekly menus in just 7 easy steps.

Using the sample menu as a guide, you can use the free templates provided to plan weekly meals for a month, a year or a lifetime.

Foods that Fight Cancer


Stay hydrated the delicious & nutritious way with these refreshing spa water recipes.

You will be able to make your own spa waters at home for pennies a glass.  Make these favorites …

  • Berry Blast
  • Lemon Zinger
  • Autumn Comfort
  • Summer Breeze
  • Peach Kiss
  • Tropical Monsoon
  • and many more

There are 12 refreshingly simple spa water recipes included for free!  

Foods that Fight Cancer

What are people saying about the 50 Foods That Fight Cancer eBook?

“I found this to be an easy resource for me to follow and make a part of my life.”

– Stephanie –

“This eBook has value and meaning for anyone who is interested in cancer and nutrition.”

– Debbie –

“It’s a whole lot of science put into concise, sensible and informative descriptions about each food, which is interesting and easy to understand.”


“This eBook will benefit everyone who wants to eat healthy and learn more about what they are eating, especially cancer patients who want to improve their health and others who want to prevent cancer and other health issues.”


Anti-cancer superfoods

You get all 4 Healthy Eating eBooks:

  1. 50 Foods That Fight Cancer
  2. Healthy Recipes
  3. Meal Planner
  4. Infused Water Recipes

Over 100 pages packed full of healthy goodness presented in a beautiful, easy to understand and simple to use format.  

All for one LOW PRICE

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 Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise, diet or health program

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