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101 Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Living with Cancer

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When my mother was undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer, the only thing she could drink was smoothies.  That was well over 10 years ago, and back then, I didn’t have any good recipes with balanced nutrients.  We just put what ever we thought she would like into the blender and hoped for the best. 

After that, I didn’t give a thought to smoothies again.  I knew that bodybuilders and other athletes drank smoothies after their workouts.  But I always thought these were just protein shakes with raw eggs and, possibly spinach, added.  Yuk!  

But since those days of my early introduction to smoothies, I have learned about nutrition.  I learned how very important getting enough protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are.  Fiber and resistant starches too, as they are good for gut health. 

So, as time went on, I built up  a repertoire of smoothie recipes that had more nutritional value with a balance of macronutrients. And when I developed breast cancer and had to have surgery and  chemotherapy too, I drank smoothies to help get enough protein in for healing. 

Most mornings now, I make grab & go smoothies for my family.  I put them in medium sized canning jars with lids.  They can then just shake and drink at school or at work.  And I know that they are getting a powerful boost in nutrients.  And they love them.  

So, I put all my smoothie-know-how & learnings into this eBook. I offer it to you so that you can get all the phytonutrient power of these delicious superfood smoothies too. I hope you enjoy them too. 

Reasons to Drink Smoothies

  • So easy to make
  • Made with nutritious wholefoods
  • Delicious way to sneak vegetables into your day
  • Packed full of essential nutrients
  • Healthier than juicing
  • Perfect for breakfasts on the go
  • Antioxidant power in a glass
  • Keep you hydrated
  • Help with weight loss
  • Make a great post-workout snack
  • Help with digestion
  • Easy nourishment when you are ill
  • A quick meal-replacer for busy people
  • End the food-craving rollercoaster

Start SMOOTHING things over with your health!

Get a Smoothie Education!

Learn how to . . .

  • get started on a taste bud adventure
  • choose the perfect blender
  • pick out the best nutritious ingredients
  • make your own signature smoothie from scratch
  • foolproof smoothie secrets
  • printable smoothie cheatsheet
  • and many more tips

Go on a healthy blender bender right now! 

Your body will thank you.

101 Delicious Superfood Smoothies of the Rainbow

Purple Smoothies such as The Black Forest and The Blackberry Energizer

Red Smoothies such as The Crazy Cantaloupe and The Blushing Apple

Pink Smoothies such as The Raspberry Zinger and The Strawberry Cheesecake

Orange Smoothies such as The Reset and The Orange Immunity Booster

Blue Smoothies such as The Blueberry Muffin and The Blueberry Detox

Green Smoothies such as The Nuts Over Kale and The Bloat-Fighting Tropical Smoothie

Mocha Smoothies such as The Black Beauty and The Morning Energizer

Vanilla Smoothies such as The Dreamy Weight Loss Smoothie and The Cinnamon Roll


101 Super Nutritious Superfood Smoothies

Nutritious Smoothies

Delicious Smoothies

High Protein Smoothies

Low Carb Smoothies

Detox Smoothies

Gut Friendly Smoothies

Weight Loss Smoothies

Meal Replacement Smoothies

& so many MORE SMOOTHIES to make! 

What others have said about the Superfood Smoothies eBook:

“I found the entire book from beginning to end really well done and really put together in an informative and easy to read format.”

“At first I wondered how much information can there be about smoothies. I was pleasantly surprised.”

“Not really being a smoothie person, I found myself quite interested in all your tips and commentary about the benefits and personal choices of putting together a smoothie. It’s convinced me to try some for sure!”

“I loved the way you set up the recipes by color and then the top 5 made it easy to zero in on what type of smoothie you would want and the reason. The pictures were colorful and nicely displayed. The breakdown under each recipe with the prep time, calories, fats, etc., was great. I found myself looking at that when thinking about what type of smoothie I would like to make.”

And even MORE smoothies . . .

Get 22 Pink Ribbon Runner Smoothie Tuesday single serve smoothie recipes. 

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